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Change the user experience of Store Locator Plus.

The Experience add-on for Store Locator Plus contains all of the features you need to fully customize the look-and-feel of Store Locator Plus to match your site design.   Extend the search capabilities, enhanced the look of the map, and control the behavior and look or the location results.   This add-on even includes a few widgets to bring your location search to any page on your site.


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Change the look of your location search page.    Put the map on top with search and results below.   Or on the side.    Or hide it.   Highlight featured locations.   Add custom map styling within the map itself.     The Experience add-on makes this all possible and combined with the built-in Store Locator Plus plugin styles many sites will get a locator page that is “just right” for their site with one click.


The search element takes all of the features from the legacy Enhanced Search product including functionality well beyond the look of the search form.    Add search by name or influence the search results by having a country or other text automatically appended to anything your users type in the address box. Discrete searches by city,state,country.


You can do all kinds of cool new styling with the Results Layout feature and change how your listing of locations looks after a search.   But you also get things like featured locations and location ranking to influence the order in which those results are displayed.  If you could do it in Enhanced Results, you can now do it here.


Show the map.  Hide the map.  Let the user decide.   Use widely-available JSON styling settings by pasting them into the map styling box and completely change how the map looks.   Tweak the popup bubble contents.  Or hide them altogether.    Everything that you could do with the Enhanced Map product you can now do with the Experience add-on.


Move the location of the map, results, and search box around on the page by selecting a style or using the Locator Layout setting.   Need to tweak a single CSS rule and don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a custom style sheet?    These features are now part of the Experience add-on.


Add a zip code search box in any widget area on your site and lead visitors to your locations map.   Add the SLP States widget to show your visitors a drop down list of states where you have locations and bring them to a map for all locations in that state.  The SLP Cities widget does the same thing but adds a second drop down where the user can select a specific city within that state.

Compatibility With Other Add-Ons

Experience will automatically disable the Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, or Widget Pack add-ons if they are installed and active on your system.   The Experience add-on includes all of the features of those add-on packs in addition to some new features and performance improvements.

Please Note:

The Experience add-on is NOT a free upgrade or direct replacement of the Experience Package.     The Experience Package is NOT the same product as this add-on.   The Experience Package was a one-click option that added several separate add-on packs to your shopping cart.   The Experience Package added the Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, Pro Pack, and Tagalong add-ons to your cart.    If you purchased the Experience Package you can qualify for a discount code based on your purchase of the Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search and Enhanced Results add-on packs if the purchase was made within the past year.  The value of the coupon is discretionary.


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