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Add SEO and large location list processing to Store Locator Plus.

The Power add-on for Store Locator Plus contains all of the features you need to generate different types of SEO friendly pages and manage larger lists of locations.    Categorize location using a formal taxonomy of free-form tag system.

Requires WP 4.4 or higher.


Manage large lists of locations, organize those locations by category, and create SEO friendly store details pages and directory pages.

You can learn more about what features are available at our Power documentation site.

Location Import/Export

Import large lists of locations or categorization data using the CSV bulk import utility. Export using  the export to csv (Bulk)  filter

SEO Pages

Use a page template system to build custom SEO-friendly pages based on your location data.    Data is updated in real-time via the use of runtime shortcodes to present location information.

Pages Listings

Power adds a new [slp_pages] shortcode that allows you to list your published Store Pages in bullet-list, summary, or full description format on any page without requiring WordPress theme customization.   Limit the list to specific Pages categories and order the list.


Use the formal WordPress taxonomy system to create hierarchical categories for organizing your locations or use the free-form basic text-tags system.  Mix-and-match to present multiple category search and filter options for your users.


Build directory-only pages based on your location.   Build a list of locations by city or state.

Extended Data

Map an external data source identifier that is matched during CSV imports to keep the SLP locations table synced with other data sources.

Adds more contact details for each location.

Compatibility With Other Add-Ons

Power will automatically disable the Pro Pack, Tagalong, Pages, Directory Builder, and Contact Extender add-ons if they are installed and active on your system.   The Power add-on includes all of the features of those add-on packs, other than the locator layout and custom CSS setting provided by Experience,  in addition to some new features and performance improvements.


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